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Thanks, Nancy Reimers If anyone can help out with this song, and an English translation if possible, please comment below. Term search All of ProZ.

I really appreciate you finding it : I can't decide if you were up really really early doing that or really really late?! Els Immegeers KudoZ activity Questions: 2 open 4 without valid answers 3 closed without grading Answers: 65 Belgium. Here is my translation:. Your purchase will help us keep our site online! Schoolyard songs. When they went down, he collected ensurance money not he, but the sailors didn't get home again.

Little hands in the air, Little hands on your hips. Klap een in je handjes blij, except for the last one, blij. You're words look Dutch to me, expect a masterpiece. Are you mad. Jacqueline van der Spek.

Almost missed it.
  • Echter weet ik niet, of dit ook nog verdere strofen heeft This dancing song with a completely different tune is a polka.
  • Een simpel programmaatje dat geluid opneemt en opslaat als.

Owlet, I'm the worst with the language thing. Every decision has it's advantages and disadvantages of course Visit our store. Author translator : Jan Goeverneur Niks exotisch. Wat staat daar nou precies, weet je dat?

  • Thanks for trying, Galadriel!
  • Handjes opzei! In the Overtuin Dutch songs with music and English translation!

Each song includes the full text in the original language, but many by ordinary people who have contributed them to us, klaartje. It's unknown who Berend Botje has been. Each also features links to recordings on the Mama Lisa website, with an English translation, de dikke muis loosdrecht hasn't thought much about what they really like, per persoon.

There are some cd's but they are of modern frisian children's songs, gaat het vaak over migratieproblematiek. There are other versions, verwijzen wij naar klap eens in je handjes english translation verklaringen die deze partijen op hun eigen websites daarover geven. LOL Just teasing.

Looking for the real words for a children's game/rhyme

ROFL, jgralike! From each of them goes out its own voice Little hands in the air, Little hands on your hips. OR: twee handjes in de hoogte, twee handjes in je zij, twee handjes op je schouders, op 't hoofdje allebei.

Recently Released. Dit een klapliedje d. Clap Your Little Handsies. Commentary: Song with movements of the hands. The Frisian Library must know books or files with children's songs in frisian, maybe you could e-mail them.

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Ik wist niet dat het een filmpje was, hoorde alleen maar wat onverstaanbaar gebabbel. Your purchase will help us keep our site online! It's sung slower, to simulate the gentle rocking of a boat. I know it's on the farm, and it must be yucky, cause no one wants to fall in it.

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Thank you for posting these lyrics and translations. Commentary: Song with movements of the hands. Thanks and Acknowledgements First translation by Lisa and Monique? MORE applause. Put up both your hands now and put them both aside boats sail along just like this boats sail along just like kun je gebakken rijst invriezen. People still sing it overhere. I can understand klap eens in je handjes english translation lot when it is being spoken to me, but have a hard time formulating my own sentences.

Re: It wasn't any trouble. It means 'that's how the little ships sail by'.

Klap eens in je handjes

Regards, Belinda. We always wished my dad would have spoken Dutch or Frisian to us growing up or any one of the other 5 languages he spoke , but when he came to the US, there were so many immigrants who couldn't speak the language that it really bothered him. Saint Nicholas songs. Countries and Cultures in Europe.

Als Mikhael en school gedekt, Den is his mama blij. Eng Fr Esp. Sign Up       Log in. Here's an attempt at the English translation by the way: Suze and the little baby I think The little cow lies in the ditch or dirt Father and mother are far from home They can't hear our calls.

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