Feb. 7-10th, 2013
Art Rotterdam 2013

During Art Rotterdam, the Anyspace Gallery will show a selection of works by four artists of the gallery, around the theme “Less is More”. The concept is to show artists who remove the material to add artistic “value” and produce a work. Through very different techniques, each of them uses the “cut out”. If this technique of subtraction is not new, it is used by these artists in an original way.

Valentin SOUQUET draws with a soldering iron in polyester carpets, burning the material. Boris THIEBAUT is making wall drawings by erasing pencil in very large doodle sketches. Gustavo RIEGO draws with a cutter the scenes of disasters in pages of stock quotes. The journal page, cutted “in lace” is then laid on a black background to reveal the image. Finally, Michel MAZZONI uses photography by “pushing” his images on the edge of readability, playing on the overexposure or underexposure.